Top Ten Wedding Tips

Congratulations!  Planning a wedding can be both exciting and challenging at the same time. However, our experienced Wedding Design Team is here to help!  All weddings are different, as they should be, so the Ritz Charles Design Team has compiled a list of our 2022 Top Ten Wedding Tips to help you get a head start!

  • Prioritize which aspects of the wedding mean the most to you, so you can create the overall style and ambience. “Knowing what is most important to you, will help you secure the components that are the highest priority for you to have the perfect day.”  Maddie LaDow, Event Designer
  • Wedding Budget We all wish for unlimited monetary resources, but that’s rarely the case with anyone. Discuss your wedding budget openly with your family and vendors. “Knowing ahead of time what funds are available and sharing that budget with your vendors enables everyone to work together to make sure that your funds go as far as possible and in the right places.”  Cassandra Stevning, Wedding Coordinator
  • Be informed of exactly what comes with each venue’s services before signing a contract.  Make certain that you are comparing what is included, what is optional and what is desirable.  If the cost of venue only covers the rental of the space, you will need to factor in the cost of all the extra items you will need – sometimes that is even tables and chairs. Ritz Charles venues are all inclusive, meaning tables, chairs and serving ware are included with each package! “Understanding upfront exactly what is included from vendors, caterers and venues will avoid any hidden costs later.” Megan Moore, Event Support Specialist
  • Wedding Organization  Create inspiration boards for different categories of your wedding including flowers, cakes, decor etc…. This will help you find things quickly and develop your overall style.   Inspiration boards are a very useful tool to communicate your vision with the professionals helping you plan. The more pictures you have to show the Ritz Charles Design Team, the better! “A great idea would be putting together a planning binder with a tab for each item to stay on top of the planning process. “ Lindsey Mazeika, Event Designer
  • Experience counts  Choose a venue, photographer, florist, DJ, etc. that has a proven track record. A professional and experienced wedding team is invaluable. This is what they do week after week, they know what works and what doesn’t work well. Outsourcing to seasoned professionals will go a long way in alleviating stress throughout the planning process. “As much as you are very capable of doing a DIY project for the ceremony and or reception, when it comes to the “the day of” leave it to the professionals.” Casey Jacobs, Event Designer
  • Keep the party going  This day is about YOU, and your guest are coming to celebrate it with you!  Keep it interesting and provide the best possible experience for your guests so they won’t want to leave.  Choose food, drinks and an ambiance that show you appreciate them.  Consider doing a late night food station or a photo-booth.  “Make sure that you let your guests know that even though the “cake has been served”, the party is really just getting started!” Jennifer Nicholls, Event Designer
  • Delegate everything during the planning process for the day of the wedding.  It is important to communicate this to your vendors.  Professional and competent vendors are accustomed to small details and take care of the little unexpected things. If a friend or family member is going to be responsible for anything, make sure it is feasible for them and that they understand their role. “Children are simply precious, but make sure that they can handle the expectations of their role in the day.” Sarah Godby, Event Designer
  • Building blocks  Build your guests’ expectations for your wedding from the start. If you are sending out a “Save the Date” card, begin there by establishing an ambience for the style of wedding you will have: “laced and layered”,  “winter wonderland”. It all contributes to the “Big Day”!” Hannah Ignas, Event Designer
  • The Dress Everyone knows to pick one out and get it altered, but not everyone has a follow up plan for the wedding day. Make sure your loved ones know how to bustle it for the reception and you have a plan for it for the morning after! Are you catching an early flight out? Is the dress coming with you or is someone picking it up from the hotel? “It is a good idea to bustle for most of your pre-ceremony pictures to keep the train pristine for the ceremony.” Kayla Highley, Event Support Specialist
  • Enjoy it!   Wedding planning can be stressful for a lot of people. As long as you hire the right people and communicate your vision clearly- it all comes together! We are here to support you and to keep the fun in the planning process! “Take the time to soak it all in and enjoy being with all the people that matter most!” Emily Yonce, Wedding Coordinator

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